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exsplitter.h File Reference

#include <wx/defs.h>
#include <wx/window.h>
#include "wx/export.h"

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#define wxSPLITTER_WINDOWS   2
#define wxSPLITTER_SIZE   6
#define wxMINIMUM_WINDOW_SIZE   32
#define wxESF_LIVE_UPDATE   0x01
#define wxESF_DRAW_GRIPPER   0x02

Define Documentation

#define EVT_SPLITTER_MOVED fn   ) 


  (wxObjectEventFunction) (wxEventFunction) & fn, NULL ),

#define wxESF_DRAW_GRIPPER   0x02

Definition at line 33 of file exsplitter.h.

Referenced by wxExSplitter::OnPaint(), and wxDockHost::SettingsChanged().

#define wxESF_LIVE_UPDATE   0x01

Definition at line 32 of file exsplitter.h.

Referenced by wxExSplitter::draw(), wxExSplitter::OnLeftUp(), wxExSplitter::OnMouseMove(), and wxDockHost::SettingsChanged().

#define wxMINIMUM_WINDOW_SIZE   32

Definition at line 24 of file exsplitter.h.

Referenced by wxExSplitter::Init().

#define wxSPLITTER_SIZE   6

Definition at line 23 of file exsplitter.h.

Referenced by wxDockHost::calcPanelPlacement(), wxDockHost::RecalcPanelAreas(), wxExSplitter::SetBoundaries(), and wxDockHost::UndockPanel().

#define wxSPLITTER_WINDOWS   2

Definition at line 22 of file exsplitter.h.

Referenced by wxExSplitter::OnLeftUp().

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