Docking library for wxWidgets

wxWidgets is a portable C++ and Python GUI toolkit; it is a C++ framework providing GUI (Graphical User Interface) and other facilities. Version 2 currently supports all desktop versions of MS Windows, Unix with GTK+, Unix with Motif, and MacOS. Other ports are in progress.

wxDockIt is a docking library for wxWidgets which provides the necessary functions to support docking windows of different types:

  • Floating dockwindows
  • Embedded resizable panes
  • Movable sliding toolbars

wxDockIt follows wxWidgets coding standards so that it's easily integrable with any wxWidgets-based project.
Thanks to its Bakefile-based build system it supports almost all win32 compilers and GCC.
Last, wxDockit released under the wxWidgets license.


Please use the facilities on the Sourceforge project page to request support for wxDockIt:

In addition to these trackers, also a mailing list is provided for wxDockIt users: wxextended-users.
Also a public forum is available from the main website.


Project admin: Mark McCormack
Developers: Mark McCormack, Landon Bradshaw, Francesco Montorsi

Thanks go to the following people for their code submissions:

Arjan Knepper
Stefan Kowski
Maxime Topoloff
Jesus Gonzalez

wxExtended is a project hosted by SourceForge: Logo